I approached the farm strictly as a business venture. I focused on infrastructure, production guidelines, plant strains, and other aspects of growing an agricultural crop. Early on in the farming process, as I was prepping soil, planting, watering, watching the plants grow, I began to feel an even deeper connection to the farm, if that was even possible, and more so to the plants that I was cultivating. Man’s profound connection to the earth is not a new concept. As I began to work the farm, like really work it, getting my hands dirty and caring for the crops, the plants began to become something more to me than just a product. It was more like I was having a spiritual experience…and the plants themselves were a result of all the time and attention I devoted to them that I began to care for so deeply.

For those who do not know, it’s the female cannabis plant who produces what we all know as flower, bud, colas and/or nugs. Each strain of the female cannabis plant has unique characteristics and phenotypes/physical expressions like colour, shape, smell, and resin production. It was in the trimming stage while spending many hours under the stars in the greenhouse, meticulously trimming individual fan leaves, that it became obvious to me that I wanted and needed to incorporate my love and respect for the plants into my Miss Perry packaging design…“The Girls,” in the hopes that others would be able to appreciate and experience the passion with which this product was borne!


The Girls

Each of The Girl’s appearance has been carefully designed to mimic the attributes of the individual strain they represent, such as aroma, taste, and visual aspect. Every girl’s facial expression is symbolic of their terpene profile and shows an appreciation of positive experiences and feelings you can expect when consuming.


Our mission

The design of the packaging reflects my commitment to sustainability. It was thoughtfully designed so that the end user might not only enjoy the pleasing esthetics of the packaging, but that you find it so beautiful and alluring that you may consider it a collectible, and or find other uses for it after your experience. Miss Perry brand is committed to the culture of the cannabis industry and strives to adhere to its focus on providing quality flower that sustainably enhances people’s lives!
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